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Pastor Earl Franklin Jones MEMORIAL LIBRARY
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Left  Pastor Earl Jones - Center  Col. Jack Mohr - Right  Pastor Peter J. Peters

In Loving Memory of Pastor Earl F. Jones

Earl F. Jones, 78, died at his ranch home in southern New Mexico on Wednesday, Sept 19, 2001. He was born in West Liberty, Ohio to Frank and Mabel Kauffman Jones on May 26, 1923. He was raised in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and, just after Pearl Harbor, he and his brother, Herman, volunteered into the U. S. Army. Herman, in the Paratroops, was killed in the Normandy Invasion. Earl was in the Invasion also, and fought under General George Patton through all six major campaigns in Europe during World War II in the Third Army. 

In May of 1943, before he left to go to war, he married Mary Alice Hignett in El Paso, Tex., when he was stationed at Fort Bliss. They have been happily, lovingly married for 58 years. After the war, he returned to Las Cruces and attended New Mexico State University. He then went to work at White Sands Missle Range where he, over the course of time, became Project Manager for Engineering and Testing for the Nike Ajax Missle, then the Nike Hercules and even started the Patriot Missle program. He retired after 28 years of government service. 

In 1983, he was ordained as a Christian minister by Pastor Sheldon Emry, and was later awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He remained active until the day of his death with the publication of a Christian newsletter and speaking at Christian meetings around the country. (Christian newsletter was Chritian Crusade for Truth) Pastor Jones is survived by his loving wife, Mary Alice, and their sons, Stephen Jones of Las Cruces, Richard Jones and wife , Laura of T or C, and Philip Jones and wife Cheryl of Silver City. He is also survived by two sisters, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. The funeral will be held at Graham's Mortuary in Las Cruces at 2 p.m. on Wesnesday, Sept. 26. Services will be conducted by Pastor Peter J. Peters. 

Funeral Service For Pastor F. Jones
Service was preached by Pastor Peter J. Peters

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